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Providing Specialized Care for Older Adults

Are you looking for more personalized care for yourself or loved one? Do you miss the days when you could call your doctor directly? Remember when your doctor looked at you and not at a computer screen?

Coastal Maine Direct Care, LLC is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice that is focused on the needs of older adults.  DPC is a medical practice model in which patients have direct access to their doctor when and where they need it.  By eliminating barriers to care, such as dependence on insurance reimbursement which forces traditional practices to see high volumes of patients, we are able to deliver comprehensive and high quality healthcare focused on a relatively small patient panel.  This means that our patients get the time and attention they deserve from their doctor.  This level of personalized care of patients and their families is especially important as patients grow older.  

Our patients enjoy direct access to their doctor by phone, text or email as well as unlimited office visits for a reasonable monthly membership fee.  Home visits are also included.    

Experience medicine they way it was meant to be.  Contact us for a free office or in-home meeting to see if our practice is right for you.  

Located in Falmouth, Maine, just minutes from Portland.

74 Lunt Road, Suite 206

Falmouth, ME 04105

Dr. Saylor (207) 506-0301

Dr. Barr (207) 402-7155

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