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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DPC and concierge medicine?

Both DPC and concierge practices accept direct payments from patients, have small panels, and use multiple modes of communication with their patients.  However, there are several key differences.  The most important difference is that concierge practices bill insurance in addition to charging patients directly.  This has several important consequences:

  • Concierge practices often charge copays for each office visit.  DPC practices do not charge copays.  

  • Concierge practices are required to adhere to insurance regulations that require extensive documentation and data collection which takes attention away from direct patient care and diverts it towards maximizing reimbursement.  DPC practices do not have this distraction and so can spend more time on the patient and not on the computer.  

  • Because of insurance requirements, concierge practices have higher overhead costs and therefore often charge more expensive membership fees.  Since DPC practices are not beholden to insurance companies, their overhead costs and membership fees are typically less.  

  • To belong to a concierge practice, one must be able to afford insurance and the membership fee.  DPC practices welcome anyone   whether or not they are insured and often offer financial assistance if needed.  

What is your new patient procedure?

New patients may enroll online through the link on the "Fee Schedule and Enrollment" tab, or we can mail or email the enrollment packet to you.  Have questions? We would be happy to schedule a free introductory meet-and-greet visit to see if the practice is right for you.  To schedule with Dr. Saylor or NP Stickney, please call 207.506.0301. To schedule with PA Saylor, please call 207.383.1296

Are your services covered by private insurance or Medicare?

Medicare does not reimburse your membership fee, but it will continue to pay for all the care you need. We will use your insurance to pay for all the services we don't directly provide, like x-rays and other tests, and referrals to specialists.  Your insurance continues to work just like it does now. If you wish to pursue reimbursement from your insurance company, we would be happy to provide you with a copy of any documentation needed for you to do so.  

I'm on Medicare.  Why should I pay extra to join this practice?  How does it benefit me?

As a patient of CMDC, you will enjoy a personal relationship with a team who knows you well, the ability to access care when you need it, and the ability to spend up to an hour at a time with your doctor in the office or at your home.  Except in rare instances, you will see your provider.  Dr. Saylor has specialty training in geriatrics in addition to primary care.  PA Saylor is a certified wound care specialist with nearly 30 years of experience in primary care and sports medicine.  Your membership provides you with unlimited office visits.  There are no copays or hidden fees.  We also offer deep cash discounts on medications and blood tests because we can purchase these items at cost and pass that savings on to our patients.  

Can I use my HSA to pay my membership fees?

This is a controversial topic best explained by your accountant.  The IRS has not issued specific guidance on this topic, but in June of 2019, the President issued an executive order to the Treasury to declare DPC an eligible HSA expense.  Please consult with your financial advisor or accountant.  

Does my membership fee take the place of my insurance?

Your membership does NOT replace your insurance.  You will need to keep your insurance to cover services that our practice does not provide such as hospitalization costs, ER visits and visits to specialists like cardiologists, dermatologists, etc.  

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