74 Lunt Road, Suite 206

Falmouth, ME 04105

Dr. Saylor (207) 402-0659

Dr. Barr (207) 506-0412

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Membership Fees*


We are currently accepting new patients!

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Individual (55 and over)

$200 per month

$2200 per year (one month free)


$300 per month

$3300 per year (one month free)

One-time registration fee


Re-Enrollment Fee



Additional Services

  • Geriatric Assessments/Consultations        $500 (includes 3 month membership)

    • Includes Cognitive Evaluation

    • In office or in home

  • Additional house calls                                 $100

  • Osteopathic manipulation treatment         $65 per 30 minutes

  • Ongoing Geriatric Specialty Care              $100 per month

*We are pleased to offer our first 100 patients a special discount for their first year:

  • Individual     $150 per month 

  • Couple         $250 per month

If you are younger than 55 and interested in having a Direct Primary Care physician, Dr. Lisa Lucas of Fulcrum Family Health is accepting new patients. Click here to access her website.